[eDebate] Is Whitman's "Paperless Debate" Environmentally Friendly?

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue Feb 17 06:50:14 CST 2009

Sounds like the same type of reasoning that got America into the biofuels
subsidies debacle. You may want to, dare I say it, question the assumption that
paperless debate is environmentally friendly. The computers Whitman uses are
environmentally inefficient, produced through environmentally damaging
technologies; and they produce lots of toxins when they are thrown away. From
an environmental point of view, we would be better off if Whitman did not use
computers, or paper in debates. They are also masking their other
environmentally damaging activities such as flying on evil jet plans and
driving in thier vans. In a nutshell, they should commit to de-development. I
am sure those debating Whitman CS at the NDT will appreciate the efforts to
save the planet through debate, one round at a time.



For the obtuse, this is a joke.

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