[eDebate] Is Whitman's "Paperless Debate" Environmentally Friendly?

matt stannard stannardmatt
Tue Feb 17 12:05:07 CST 2009

Since Strauss is a braying donkey, Whitman solves anthro, which solves case.  


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> Subject: [eDebate] Is Whitman's "Paperless Debate" Environmentally Friendly?
> Sounds like the same type of reasoning that got America into the biofuels
> subsidies debacle. You may want to, dare I say it, question the assumption that
> paperless debate is environmentally friendly. The computers Whitman uses are
> environmentally inefficient, produced through environmentally damaging
> technologies; and they produce lots of toxins when they are thrown away. From
> an environmental point of view, we would be better off if Whitman did not use
> computers, or paper in debates. They are also masking their other
> environmentally damaging activities such as flying on evil jet plans and
> driving in thier vans. In a nutshell, they should commit to de-development. I
> am sure those debating Whitman CS at the NDT will appreciate the efforts to
> save the planet through debate, one round at a time.
> Scott
> p.s.
> For the obtuse, this is a joke.
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