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David Glass gacggc
Tue Feb 17 13:08:35 CST 2009

People might be interested to remember that one of the main arguments run
by that Bronx team back then (...and I think their win was 1983, and
that in '84 they lost in finals to Lake Braddock... though I'm not
certain whether or not I'm off by a year) was the "New Right" disad.

The thesis was that there was this rising Moral Majority, and that if you passed
the aff, you'd cause the New Right to backlash, and then these Right wing
crazy people would take power and destroy the earth.

So, ok, you may argue that the main thesis was flawed, and that it should not
have argued that it was good to back down just to avoid the Right
Wing's ire; but
it does seem that the internal link and impact story were dead-on.

Bronx wasn't the only team to run the argument, but it was definitely
Rabin's favorite disad for a year...

...and then there was  the climate disad, run in the 1970s on the
world resources topic... everyone thought that was bs as well

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 10:03 AM, Stefan Bauschard
<stefan.bauschard at gmail.com> wrote:
> The final varsity elim bracket is available at
> http://www.harvard-debate.org/view_pair.aspx
> Bronx MB defeated Colleyville MN in the finals on a 2-1 decision.
> Bronx won both the varsity policy and L-D divisions!  Jon Cruz reports that
> it was their first Harvard L-D win ever and their first policy win since
> 1984!
> Special thanks to everyone whose cooperation was essential to the smooth
> functioning of the tournament.  We completed 14 back to back rounds in 28
> hours on Friday and Saturday. We started at 7:45 am  and we had the last
> ballot by 9:30 pm on both days.  We didn't lag any debates, teams always had
> at least an hour to prepare, and we still finished 7 debates each day.
> I believe that all of the PF & LD ballots are scanned and available under
> the "pairings" tab.   Four rounds of policy are available.  I'll finish
> scanning the policy ballots later today and make them available tonight or
> tomorrow am.
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