[eDebate] 2nd round question

omar guevara oguevara
Sun Feb 22 17:22:50 CST 2009

I already paid for a second round app via Pay Pal at debateresults.com


How do I actually submit the electronic application to the committee?


I thought it was also available at debateresults, but it appears as if the portal is closed.


If someone in the know could drop me (a reassuring) back channel I'd appreciate it.


Thank you in advance.





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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 17:02:39 -0500
From: repkowil at msu.edu
To: edebate at ndtceda.com
Subject: [eDebate] D5 results


Greetings from Normal, Illinois -- home of (our gracious hosts) Illinois State University. 

D5 advanced five teams to the NDT. Here are the standings:

1. Michigan State BE  (Amit Bindra & Carlos Gustavo Eyzaguirre), 8-0 -- 22 ballots.
2. Northwestern MS (Robbie Mullholland & Stephanie Spies), 7-1 -- 22 ballots
3. Wayne PP (Alex Pasquinelli & Sydney Pasquinelli), 6-2 -- 15 ballots
4. Michigan LZ (Maria Liu & Edmund Zagorin), 5-3 -- 17 ballots
5. Miami VW (Aaron Vinson & Drew Wallenstein) 5-3 -- 16 ballots.

We'd like to extend special recognition to Northwestern FG (Greg Friend & Mary Gregg). They had the requisite number of victories to be an alternate (five wins, 15 ballots), but -- having received one first-round -- Northwestern is only allowed to qualify one team through the district process.

D5's 1st Alternate is Wayne GH (Baldomero Gonzalez & Geneva Hackler). They went 4-4 with 10 ballots. 
D5's 2nd Alternate is Miami JM (Matt Molinaro & Mike Jensen). They went 3-5 with 11 ballots. 

Special thanks to Ron Stevenson and Justin Stanley -- both of whom "made things go" all weekend.



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