[eDebate] District VII Qualifiers

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Sat Feb 28 12:08:27 CST 2009

Much thanks to the D7 Committee and UMW for the hosting.  Great job by the Chair, Daisy Verney, and Mike Hall, Mike Davis, Adrienne Brovero, and Jake Weiner.  8 prelims with strike cards and 3-judge panels may not be easy to organize, but the debaters sure get a lot out of the tournament--the intensity and work effort was palpable.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers and good luck to everyone at the ndt.  It's great to see the diversity in D7 as well, including the first rounds.  Half of the qualifiers and alternates are women for example.

Best of luck to all the district participants and the 2nd round applicants.


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1.  Georgetown FK: 7 wins, 21 ballots
2.  Liberty DG:  7, 19
3.  George Mason HO:  7, 16
4.  Towson JM:  6, 16
5.  George Mason OR:  6, 15
6.  Richmond FL:  5, 12, 37 opponent wins

1st Alternate-Mary Washington SS:  5, 12, 27
2nd Alternate-Georgetown HZ:  4, 16

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers.

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