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Sat Jan 3 11:04:07 CST 2009

Greetings and Happy New Year: 

I am writing to remind everyone that the final deadline for subscribing to the NDT is January 15, 2009.? If you wish to participate in the district qualifier, and/or the NDT you must subscribe by that date.? The current amount due is $150.00. 

I had hoped to provide everyone with an updated list of paid dues but I have been unable to reach James Pratt to get the most recent list of payments made to the AFA website.? I am trying to get that list and will post it as soon as I can. 

The Debateresults.com site now contains updated information on your subscription status.? When you log into your account you will see a message saying that your dues have been received, or that you have not paid and owe $150.00.? Schools that paid via the AFA website in the month of November are not included in that update because I left my written records of that in Cambridge.? I am in California and will not be back in Cambridge until January 11.? I am also trying to get a list of those schools from Pratt so that I can update that site before my return on January 11. 

I have also been asked to communicate to anyone who will be subscribing via the AFA website, that you should select the NDT subscription option three times in order for the site to charge you $150.00. 

If you have not yet paid here are your options: 

You can pay me directly at the USC or Cal State Fullerton tournaments. 

You can send a check for $150.00 made out the National Debate Tournament to: 324 Franklin St., Cambridge, MA, 02139 

You can pay via the AFA website (only way to pay using a credit card). 

Sherry Hall 

NDT Treasurer 

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