[eDebate] 2ND Vice President Questions

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Jan 4 18:07:11 CST 2009

Here is the list of questions that were asked of the VP candidates.  The agreement was they would all be collected by me then posted here before any candidate had a chance to see another candidate's responses.  Some answers may be posted elsewhere.  Once I post the list of questions, I will post each candidate's answers individually.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
CEDA President

Question #1--
Several national tournaments have recently enacted policies that preclude the public posting of video-recorded debates, but allow for "private sharing". Whether that sharing is limited to the college community, or might include interested high school debaters, etc., remains unclear. 
1. What is your opinion about having a similar policy for CEDA Nationals?
2. What limitations do you think should exist, if any, on sharing video with high school debaters or others outside the CEDA community?
3. How should such policies intersect with programs who assert their policy is not to allow their debaters to be video-recorded?

Question #2--
Assume there is some glimmer of possibility for a program to emerge (students seeking to establish one, a faculty member trying to get it started, etc.). What sort of support, in the form of information, letter writing, sending in outsiders, etc., should CEDA provide?

Question #3--
Some would like to see CEDA Nationals attended by most or all NDT 1st round teams. 
1. Do you think this is an important objective?
2. What actions would you take to pursue it?
3. What changes in the tournament would you be open to make in order to make it happen?

Question #4--
How do you feel about having electronic business meetings to 
allow those of us who cannot attend nca an opportunity to participate more 
in ceda? (eg via an online bulletin board, via edebate/ceda-l, etc.)

Question #5--
What will each of you do to help revive progams at smaller colleges who have lost their programs either by funding shortfalls or administration apathy?

Question #6--
Under what conditions, if any, would you accept, advocate or defend the content regulation of a CEDA-sanctioned intercollegiate debate? 

Question #7--
What should CEDA in conjunction with the NDT do in the next five years to bring our organizations into the fold of convergence and increase the electronic eloquence of our organizations?  Secondarily, what should CEDA in conjunction with the NDT do to foster our students'  development of producerly skills necessary to successfully communicate ideas, develop meaningful social and political coalitions, and participate in democratic discourse in the "real world" with all the underlying "implications?"

Question #8--
Describe your ideal debate round, team, squad, tournament, and community.

Question #9--
What would you do to try and increase the number of teams participating at CEDA Nationals?

Question #10--
What should CEDA do to revitalize Regional Debate?

Question #11--
What experience do you have to make you qualified to be in charge of a National Organization that fulfills both academic and competitive needs of its members?

Question #12--
4 of the 5 years that you serve CEDA, 2 as a VP and 2 as a Past President, you have to work well with others who are the actual President.  Whichever one of you wins will have to work well as a unit with Gordon Stables and Sue Peterson (the 2 who will assume the Presidency before you).  What do you bring to the table to ensure a smooth and complementary leadership role?

Question #13--
Do you feel CEDA should abandon its current leadership structure and move towards another structure?  If so, what should the new structure look like?

Question #14--
Recently CEDA has discussed moving from Regions to self-selecting Conferences.  Do you favor the conference format and if not, why?

Question #15--
Do you favor a continued use of edebate for ceda business and discussion, or should the organization move towards a list serv that is controlled by the organization?

Question #16--
Do you favor the current amendment before the membership on professionalism and ethics?

Question #17--
How should CEDA respond and under what time table should CEDA respond in the face of publicity or press that puts the organization in a bad light?  Who should be consulted?

Question #18--
Should CEDA have the ability to sanction its own members for behavior unbecoming a professional, such as verbal, physical, or sexual harassment?  Whether CEDA sanctions the offender or not, should CEDA report complaints to the home institution of the offender and if so, how should that report be made and by whom?

Question #19--
Finally,  why do you want to be President of the organization?

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