[eDebate] William DeMougeot Debates at UNT Wireless Access

Julian Gagnon thejugular
Mon Jan 5 00:15:48 CST 2009


            We are wireless!  Each participant and judge will receive an
individual login and password at registration.  Please don't share?we're
watching you!!

*How to connect*: set the SSID to *eaglenet* and turn off WEP encryption.  Some
operating systems will automatically detect the Eaglenet wireless network
and offer to connect to it, with others you may need to scan to find the
available networks then select the one you want to connect to. Once you've
connected to the wireless network, when you open a web browser to go to a
web site, you will be asked to login with your EUID (contend) and password.
When you complete the login, you can surf the web.

Questions?  Email me or ask at the tournament.

Julian Gagnon

UNT Debate

thejugular at gmail.com
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