[eDebate] Weather Report-- UNT Travel

Lain, Brian blain
Mon Jan 5 08:20:21 CST 2009


Although it was 80 degrees on Saturday, at about 7am it started precipitating a "wintery mix" here in Denton.  The temp is hovering around 31 on the ground.  We have some sleet and they are predicting ice and ice pellets as possible.

PLease take your time and be careful traveling to the dfw area.  I know most of you are excellent drivers in all conditions.  However, after living here for 6 years, I can say the other people who inhabit the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex are not.

The area is typically not prepared to deal with inclement weather, and this is not snow, but ICE.

Should you encounter problems, don't hesitate to call me on my cell at 940-453-2359.

Tomorrow it is expected to be 57. 68 by eliim day.

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