[eDebate] No Prefs entered 1/5 10:30am

Lain, Brian blain
Mon Jan 5 10:40:55 CST 2009

Nothing yet from
Texas   Vamsi Bhadriraju & JD Sanford
Texas-Dallas    Brittany Leach & Collin Roark
Trinity University      Nick Burr & john elson
Trinity University      Michael Hart & Brendon Bankey
Trinity University      Emily Hall & Sarah Clemons
Trinity University      Scott Brown & Alex Moon
Rochester       Justin Gibson & Eric Meinhardt
Rochester       Aini Chen & George Weddington
Rochester       George Weddington & Aini Chen
Rochester       Claire Maggio & Zheng Wang

We admire the passion which these teams display.  We will continue to support their wishes to leave the preferences open.  I admire their courage in letting their opponents pick their critics.
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