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Here is the invite, enjoy

Baltimore College Debate
Harriet Tubman Debates
Towson University
February 7-8

I am excited to invite  you all to Baltimore for the last Baltimore College
Debate Tournament of the year.

We will offer six rounds of competition in three divisions. In prelims the
JV and the Varsity division will be combined, and the novice division will
be separate. We will have  elimination rounds in all three divisions
(breakout style in jv)

This tournament we are moving to a northeast style schedule with 5
preliminary rounds on Saturday and round 6 and elims on Sunday. We hope this
will allow a ful slate of rounds with a reasonable get home time on Sunday.

Please enter on debate results by February 1. If we do not have enough teams
entered by that date we will cancel the tournament.

Hotel options are listed in detail below, if you need help with housing
please let us know.

If the next CEDA Second Vice President is in attendance we will have a)a
small celebration for them b) the opportunity for you to interact with them
in an open forum.

We are looking forward to good competition, good hospitality, and good

If you have any questions contact either Andy Ellis or Shawntia Diggs
Andy at bmoreyours.org
Shawntia at bmoreyours.org

See you in February.

Andy Ellis-Chief Operating Officer-Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization
Shawntia Diggs-Director-Baltimore College Debate
822 W. 36th Street Baltimore MD 21211

ELIGIBILITY & EXPECTATIONS: The tournament is open to any two-person team of
undergraduate students. Teams in all divisions will be expected to engage in
switch-sides debating. Debaters without partners (mavericks) will be paired
up with other debaters with out a partner and will only be allowed to
compete without a partner at the discretion of the tournament director .
Towson may enter teams and those teams can clear in all divisions. Hybrid
teams will be accepted. Novice & JV debaters should meet the CEDA standards
for novice eligibility. Varsity is open to any competitor.

ENTRIES & FEES: Please enter via debate results. You will receive a
confirmation. Entry fees are $35 per team at the tournament. Teams who have
purchased a membership can use the credits that come with membership to
cover entry fees.

FORMAT: All divisions will have 6 preliminary rounds; advancement to
elimination rounds will be based on (1) win-loss record, (2) strength of
opposition (3) adjusted speaker points, and (4) total speaker points,.
Speaker points may be given in .5 increments. The first two rounds will be
pre-set. Round 3 will be paired off  of round 1 and round 4 & 5 will be
paired off of rounds 1-3.Round 6 will be paired off of 1-4 . Time limits
will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes prep time. Elimination round sides will be
determined based on (1) reversing sides from a prelim meeting, (2)
individual coin flips.
In the Combined JV/Varsity Division Rounds 1 and 2  will be paired within
division to the best of our ability.
The tournament will use the CEDA Resolution: Resolved: that the United
States Federal Government should substantially reduce its agricultural
support, at least eliminating nearly all of the domestic subsidies, for
biofuels, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, corn, cotton, dairy,
fisheries, rice, soybeans, sugar and/or wheat.

The tab room will be open and public, coaches, judges and teams are
encouraged to watch and participate in the process. The tournament will seek
ADA certification and abide by ADA rules.

JUDGES: One judge is required to cover every two teams. One judge covering
one team is responsible for 3 rounds. All judges are committed to one round
past their teams' elimination.
A very limited number of judges may be available for hire through the
tournament at $150 per uncovered team. Contact us early if you need help
finding judges. Judges should meet the standards of the sanctioning

HOTELS: We provide two primary Hotel options.
The La Quinta Inn(Tournament Hotel)
on Philadelphia Ct is 15 Minutes from the tournament convenient access to
interstates, food and shopping. We have a rate of $99 a night that includes
breakfast each morning and free wireless in all rooms. We encourage you to
become a member of the La Quinta rewards program, if you use the rewards
program your rate over time will decrease by a noticeable amount as the free
rooms kick in. Contact the la quinta at 410 574 8100 the block is under
Baltimore College Debate.

Comfort Inn $79/night, ask for the Towson U Rate.
8801 Loch Raven Blvd, Towson MD, 21286|410-882-0900
While the Comfort Inn is not the tournament hotel it is convenient and many
people choose to stay there. If you stay there frequently we encourage you
to join the Comfort Inn rewards program.

If you have questions about hotels please feel free to contact me at

TRAVEL: Towson is easily accessible from the I-95 corridor to the north and
south and from the I-70 corridor to the west. Towson is 100 miles from
Philly, 70 miles from Harrisburg  80 miles from Hagerstown, 60 miles from
DC, 70 miles from Wilmington Delaware and less then 50 miles from Bowie and

PARKING:  Parking is free on weekends as long as it is marked as such, we
will post parking maps on edebate and closer to the tournament.

FOOD:  We will provide snacks, coffee and water throughout the day. Light
breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. Please let us
know any dietary restrictions in advance.

Saturday 2/7
7:00-7:45 Registration
7:45 Pairings Released for Round 1 & 2
8:00 Round 1
10:00 Round 2
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Round 3
4:00 Round 4
6:30 Round 5

Sunday 2/8
8:00 AM Pairings released
8:30 Round 6
11:30 First Out Round
1:00 Lunch
2:00 The Next one
4:00 Awards
4:30 The one after that
7:00 The Last One
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