[eDebate] USC Elim Results

Gordon Stables stables
Mon Jan 5 23:21:24 CST 2009


Emory MS (a) def. Georgia CS  3-0 Kall, Hardy, Repko
Cal BP def. Towson JM (a) 2-1 Olney, Olsen, Topp*
Emory SW (a) def. Harvard JP 2-1 Harrigan, Johnson, Reed*
Dartmouth AH (a) vs. Harvard RS 2-1 Keenan, DeLong, Gonzalez*
Michigan State AW def. Wake SS (a) Hall, Achten, Vats
Mary Washington KS def. Harvard BP (a) 2-1 Lacy, Fitzmier*, Hamraie
Wake GL def. Towson CL (a) 3-0 Murray, Buntin, Strait
Northwestern FW def. Gonzaga BC 3-0 Turner, Lee, Arnett

Wake GL def. Mary Washington KS (a)  2-1, Strait, Keenan *, Hardy
Emory SW def. Dartmouth AH (a) 3-0 Repko, Johnson, Anders
Cal BP def. Michigan State AW (a) 2-1 Lee, Chalfont *, Phillips
Northwestern FW def. Emory MS (a) 3-0 Lacy, Achten, Strauss


Cal BP (a) def. Emory SW 2-1 Buntin, Hill, Murillo*
Wake GL (a) def. Northestern FW 2-1 Achten, Lee, Vats*

Finals (in progress)

Cal BP (a) vs. Wake GL Hill, Lee, Stables


Whitman FM (a) def. SFSU 3-0 Lai, Durkee, Murillo
Binghamton CF def. Houston JK 3-0 Grove, Jennings

Binghamton FC def. Whitman FM 2-1 Hill*, Durkee, Turner

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