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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jan 7 23:21:34 CST 2009

So one of the key roles of a ceda president is to coordinate a CEDA
Here is what mine might look like.

It would be in Baltimore.

The hotel would be downtown at the harbor. Perhaps the new hilton (its
connected to the convention center and next to a light rail stop that takes
you too and from the airport-we will run an evidence shuttle) you
really shouldn't have to rent a car if you dont want to, everything you need
is at the harbor, food, drink, aquarium, science center, shopping, slots,
cool neighborhoods... Camden yards is right next door perhaps we could get
CEDA nats night at Camden yards... The out rounds would be held at the
convention center. They would be open to the public. If possible i would
like to charge for ticket packages, perhaps $10 per day or $15 for both
days. We can't fill it, but i bet alot of you could convince folks who you
know on the eastern seaboard to come up. It would be great in my eyes if
there where people not from the tournament watching our elimination rounds,
and i think we have more power to make it happen then we think we do. I
would even try to arrange alumni packages at the hotels if say the jay
hawks wanted to bring a large contingent.

The hospitality could be hooked up and the scene can't be beat...


There are dozens of college campuses....but i am less interested in
that(though could definitely arrange it), instead i would like to work with
the city and the local business community to form a partnership that uses
the investment debate programs make in ceda nationals toward a socially just
goal. CEDA nationals makes about 20 to 30 thousand, in my vision that 20,000
could be CEDApartnership stake in the renovation of vacant homes schools or
buildings. For that investment CEDA would get the following:

The First occupant of the buildings would be CEDA nationals. It would be
renovated in a way that worked for the tournament but was
easily transformable into affordable housing and/or office space for
community groups.
After CEDA nationals CEDA would get community space for a center where CEDA
college debaters could work with  high school students and a space where
local college students could do internship projects for the organization.
Otherwise the space would be utilized for affordable housing and office
space by the city/developer/ etc.

The renovation of course would be cause for a celebration and the city would
probably close the street and throw some kind of party and make you feel
kinda like you where on a campus.

Habitat for Humanity would be a good CEDA partner perhaps...

Once we have this as our goal- using our enterprise toward social goals,
without sacrificing our enterprise- it becomes a lot easier to build small
amounts of  guaranteed capital investment  into matching grants...in other
words...if we can guarantee that we can raise 20 k we can raise money with a
20 k match.

There would be a webpage for CEDA nationals that was functional and
friendly. It would have been a two year collaborative project that led up to
it, where tech talented people in the community collaborated with students
(high school and college) to build the site that people need(but also the
platform for the future). As long as there is education going on, money is
available...the point agin being that using something we need (a good web
platform for our national tournament) in the service of a social goal
(teaching tech skills on a big project ) kinda just makes more sense.

I would work with networks of youth non profits in Baltimore and hopefully
be able to get photographers, events workers, ballot runners, video people,
t shirt designers, and everything else under the sun, we might have to pay
them, but thats a good investment on our part.

There is something about the prelims working with and not just in a
community that will drive people out to see the out rounds at the convention

Oh yeah, the whole thing would be broadcast live at least over the internet,
and who knows maybe on CSPAN, or something more exciting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not forgetting about debate, in fact the rooms would
be configured more ideally for debate than any other location, because its
first use would be debate. I am not looking to sacrifice what we do, im
looking to get more return out of our investment.
Accessibility ? Actually that works better in my model as well. If CEDA had
an idea of how many rooms needed to be "accessible" that would be that many
more accessible rooms on that block...see how this works.

Now this is gonna take organizing, money, work, and commitment. But we can
do it and we should want to do it...Its good for people(the prelims) the
planet (don't have to rent a car and  transforming brownfields into
affordable housing) and profit (the elims and the money that funds the
social projects) and it would be the most fun place to ever have a hotel.

If you like the idea but think its unrealistic, don't stop liking the idea,
work with me  to make it realistic.
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