[eDebate] JV/Novice Nationals Update

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Jan 9 23:27:43 CST 2009

We have a hotel deal signed, and the invite will be up later tonight.
In the meantime we need everybody's help in order to lower the costs of the

Starting tonight at 1 am Eastern time JV/Novice nats will be competing in
the Ideablob competition. If we receive the most votes between now and a
week from now we will qualify for the "elim rounds" which begin on the 22nd.
If we qualify for the elims and we get the most votes from the 22nd to the
end of the month then we win $10 k to fund the tournament. $7000 of that
will go to directly lower the cost and increase the quality of the
tournament, $3000 will go toward the youth teams that will be assisting with
planning and running the tournament.

The $7000 we get will allow us to cover 75 per cent of the costs of the
tournament and lower fees to $25 per team.
ou can vote in three simple steps

1) go to www.ideablob.com register an account (its quick takes at most 5
2) find the jv novice nats entry
3) Vote, once you have voted let us know send me an email. (please only vote
once, they know you have a gmail account a hot mail account and a billion
others, if they think you are cheating they will eliminate all of your

Once you have voted you can track the progress by catching up and checking
in at ideablob.com

We will need the help of the whole community in order to win this contest
but if we can come together we can lower costs and improve the tournament
for all of us.
Here are some ideas about how you can help after you have voted

1) ask your friends to vote, share it on facebook, its easy take 5 minutes
when folks are at your house, ask them to vote.
2) once you have gotten all of your debaters to vote, get your classes to
3)contact me for flyers, button code, and other promotional goodies.

This is a god way that a little collaboration can help the whole community
please help support an affordable JV/Novice nats for everybody.

Andy Ellis

Chief Operating Officer

Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems
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