[eDebate] Help get better judges for JV Novice nationals

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Jan 10 11:45:15 CST 2009

We are trying to raise funds to help JV/Novice Nationals run better.

One of the things we will do with the raised funds is hire high quality
critics and pay other critics to extend their commitments in later rounds to
make sure preferences work well.

If you want better prefs then take 5 minutes

go to http://ideablob.com/ideas/4235-Run-a-national-debate-tournamen

register and vote then pass it on to your friends

It is in your hands, if we dont get enough votes in the next few days then
we will have to beg critics, you don't want a begged critic in round 7 you
want a preffed and paid critic...so help us out
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