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Max Archer max.o.archer
Sat Jan 10 19:40:49 CST 2009

Hi everyone.

The hotel block for the Viking Debates at Augustana College is set to close
Thursday, January 16.  Right now the entries are low, so if you have
interest in attending, please make your reservations soon.

Invite reposted below.

Max Archer
Director of Debate
Augustana College

24 November 2008

Dear Community,

The Augustana Debate Union and the Department of Communication Studies are
pleased to invite you and your colleagues to attend the 2009 Viking Debates
at Augustana College.  This year's edition of the Viking Debates will be
held on Friday, January 30, Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1,
2009 in Rock Island, IL.   The tournament will include three divisions of
debate on the 2008-2009 CEDA/NDT topic, have six (6) high quality
preliminary rounds in Open and clear to an appropriate number of elimination
rounds in each division.  All rounds will be held on the campus of Augustana

We have every intention of making this tournament as comfortable and
enjoyable as possible.  Breakfast and lunch will provided on Saturday.  We
are committed to providing high quality competition, hospitality, awards and
tournament administration.  If there is anyway we can better accommodate
you, please to not hesitate to let us know.

Please accept our invitation and join us for a grand time of competitive
debates.  We look forward to hosting you in Rock Island.


Max Archer, Director of Debate

Augustana College

(o) 309-794-7717

(c) 281-381-7328

maxarcher at augustana.edu

REGISTRATION: We will accept entries for the tournament through Tuesday,
January 27 at 5:00 pm CST.  Entries may be made at at www.debateresults.com.
If there are any entry problems, please contact Max Archer at
maxarcher at augustana.edu or by phone at (309) 794-7717.  Registration will
take place in Old Main 19 on Friday, January 30 from 2:30-3:30pm.
DIVISIONS: We plan to host three (3) divisions of debate this year.  The
open division is open to any undergraduate student with eligibility. The
Junior Varsity and Novice divisions are open to anyone who meets the CEDA
eligibility standards for junior or novice participation.   In the event
that there are an insufficient number of teams entered in a division,
arrangements will be made by the Tournament Director and Tab Room staff to
accommodate all participants.  While it is unlikely, one or more teams from
Augustana might compete at the tournament to ensure an even number of teams
and to prevent a bye from being assigned. However, no Augustana team will
compete in elimination rounds.  Awards will be given in each division to
elimination round participants and an appropriate number of recognized
JUDGING: Each school should provide a qualified judge to cover your judging
commitments. One(1)  team requires three (3) rounds of judging, two (2)
teams require six (6) rounds of judging.  There will be few (if any) judges
available for hire at the rate of $100/uncovered team, but you should let us
know well in advance if you need to hire judges.  Because extra judging is
limited in the Quad Cities area, we would prefer your judges rather than
take your money.  Each judge is obligated to cover their school's commitment
through the first elimination round, or one round beyond your team's
elimination.  All judges should enter their philosophy at
www.debateresults.com prior to the beginning of the tournament.
Each judge will assignment a win to one and only one team and a loss to one
and only one team.  The judge will also rank each debater 1 to 4 and rate
each debater 0-30 using half points. Each judge will have a maximum of two
hours and forty-five (2:45) minutes from the official start time of the
debate to record a decision for that debate.  A judged assigned by the tab
room to a particular debate is responsible for the submission of a correctly
completed ballot at the conclusion of that debate.  Failure on the part of
the judge to comply with these rules may result in a decision by the tab
room staff and may also result in penalties being imposed upon the judge's

FORMAT AND RULES: We will use the 9-3-6 format, with ten minutes preparation
time per team.  Rounds 1-2 will be preset.  The rest will be powered.  Debate
teams consist of two persons two from the same school.  Hybrid teams are
acceptable, and may advance to elimination rounds.  In the event of illness,
a single debater may debate two (2) rounds alone but will not be allowed to
advance to elimination debates.   Unless the teams have met previously in
the preliminary rounds, sides in elimination debates will be determined by
coin flip or an agreement by both teams.  The tournament will NOT break
brackets in elimination rounds.

University has agreed to direct the operations of the tabulation room.  Mr.
Green and the Tournament Director will resolve any tournament administration
problems that arise.  Current and former Augustana students will be
available throughout the tournament to run ballots, give directions and
generally provide any needed assistance.
FEES: Entry fees are $85/team for all divisions. This includes trophies,
tournament supply expenses, and hospitality.  Checks should be made out to
"Augustana College."
HOUSING: We have reserved a block of rooms at the La Quinta Inn-Moline
Airport.  La Quinta has guaranteed a hotel block with doubles for $79/night
and kings for $69/night.  Reservations should be made by contacting the La
Quinta Inn Central Reservation Center by phone at 1-866-527-1498.   Identify
yourself as part of the "Viking Debate" party, Confirmation Number 673GRSVGP
.  All final details pertaining to your stay should be coordinated directly
with the Moline hotel staff, whom you may contact by phone at (309) 762-9008
.  The block closes on January 16, 2009 ? please make reservations soon.  All
participants are strongly encouraged to stay at the tournament hotel.  Pairings
will be released at the tournament hotel and on campus.
guidelines on sexual harassment and discrimination.

2009 Viking Debates
Friday, January 30

2:30-3:30PM Registration, Old Main 19

4:30-7:00PM Round One

7:00-9:00PM Round Two

Saturday, January 31

8:00AM Pairings released at hotel and on campus

9:00-11:00AM Round Three

11:00-1:00PM Round Four

1:00-2:00PM Lunch

2:00-4:00PM Round Five

4:30-6:30PM Round Six

Sunday, February 1

8:00AM Pairings released at hotel and on campus

9:00-11:00AM First Elimination Debate

11:30AM Awards Assembly

12:00PM Elimination Debates Continue
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