[eDebate] Val Browning Round Robin Attendees: Final Update for Participants & Coaches

Veronica Guevara veronica_m_barreto
Tue Jan 13 10:20:26 CST 2009

We are all prepared to have you in Ogden this weekend.  The weather forecast looks all clear for the entirety of your stay and the hospitality pantries have been fully stocked in anticipation of your arrival. We have a few final reminders for round robin participants 1. Smoking Policy:  The tournament hotel is owned by Hilton, as such, there are no smoking rooms.  Please observe this policy.  The hotel will charge steep cleaning fees for any room that they have determined has been smoked in at any point during your stay.  The hotel has asked that we smoke outside, on the North side of the building, and we have been assured you will not be bothered there.  Those are the doors right outside the elevators just outside the Bonaventure Room, which is the hospitality reception room where lunches and dinners will be served.  For coaches, you are welcome to enjoy the hospitality basement at the Guevara's home where the Utah Clean Air Act is not enforced. 2. No Decision Disclosure:  This year, in the interest of maintaining a humane schedule and providing some sense of anticipation for the awards ceremony, we are emulating the Kentucky Round Robin model .  After rounds, critics will turn in sealed ballots instead of discussing their decision.  The ballots should give a written reason for decision and will be copied for the participants to read.  The decisions will be read aloud at the awards ceremony and the round robin champion will be announced.  3. Transportation:  We offer airport pick up and drop off, as well as a shuttle for coaches from the tournament hotel to the hospitality basement and back.  For airport transportation, email Richard Tews at rtews at weber.edu with your itinerary.  For transportation for coaches during the tournament, call Rich at (801) 391-6614.  4. All Meals Are Provided: We've maintained our entry fees and added two dinners to our offerings.  The hotel has a pretty extensive breakfast selection every morning in the hotel lounge and we will be providing lunches and dinners on Saturday and Sunday in the Bonaventure Room.  The only food purchasing you will have to do will be on travel days. 5. Schedule:   Friday -- January 16, 2009 Registration:                            6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Hotel Lobby (pairings released at registration) Saturday -- January 17, 2009 Round 1:                                 8:30 AM Start Time Round 2:                               11:00 AM Start Time Lunch:                                    1:15 PM in the Bonaventure Room (Lobby Level) Round 3:                                 2:30 PM Start Time Round 4:                                 5:00 PM Start Time Dinner:                                    7:30 PM in the Bonaventure Room Sunday -- January 18, 2009 Round 5:                                 10:30 AM Start Time Lunch:                                     1:00 PM in the Bonaventure Room Round 6:                                  2:00 PM Start Time Flip for 7:                                 4:00 PM  (4:15 PM deadline for side confirmation) Round 7:                                  4:30 PM Start Time                                              Awards Ceremony Dinner:            7:00 PM in the Bonaventure Room
If you need anything else before you arrive or during your stay, just let me know.
See you all in 3 days!  

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Department of Communication
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Ogden, UT 84408
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