[eDebate] Navy Drivers--a list of those who will NOT be walking to the tournament

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Thu Jan 15 09:47:18 CST 2009

Everyone who's not on this list better bundle up because it's going to be cold.  Also, email your info to me ASAP as my deadline has been extended to 5 pm TODAY.  Thanks.
In the order of people I like best (just kidding, except for maybe the first one):
Thomas O'Gorman
Richard Sampson
Hunter Beaton
Judy Goss (need your plate number)
Jonathan Paul
Andrew Barnes
Blake Abbot
Jake Weiner (this is your stuff from last year, hopefully it hasn't changed?)
Scott Berry
Tim O'Donnell
Terrell Taylor
Matt Struth
Nathaniel Delano
Sean Slattery
Cameron MacLeod
Andrew Wolf
Jamie Downing
David Steinberg
Jacob Richter
Kevin Kuswa
Kelly Congdon
Mark Arnold
Bary Hausrath
Kenny Hanson
Erika Thomas
Noriaki Tajima
Samantha Godbey
Melynda McDaniel
Elizabeth Wiley
Patrick Waldinger
John Katsulas
Max Archer
RJ Green
Mike Davis
Joe Keeton
Army (as long as you're in a DOD van with a military driver, you're good)
Special props to Max Archer who wins the award for "first in"--his email was sent 38 minutes after my edebate post.  
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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