[eDebate] Why you should come to the Inauguration Debates

repkowil at msu.edu repkowil
Thu Jan 15 13:32:27 CST 2009

If you are in the DC area, consider stopping by the Inauguration Debate event (on Monday).

Here's the case in favor of attending:

1. It's a National Holiday, so you might not have work/classes.
2. It's an opportunity for our community to represent ourselves to the outside (non-debate) world. That's a task for more than just the debaters -- our audience is an extension of that. 
3. It's kinda cool. This is more than just a debate about the Obama administration. It is an extension of an ongoing effort to try an encourage new schools into our activity. Organizers are specifically using this event to encourage debate activities amongst Historically Black Colleges and Universities that have seen support for their debate programs decline in recent years. Be there to meet people as they begin to venture in our community.
4. Aren't you curous who, from the non-debate world, will show-up ?... Better put, who is our audience right now ?... What could that audience become ?...
5. More than one ex-debater has said that they plan to show-up, so there could be something of a reunion-effect. At a minimum, reunions intrigue.

If you can't attend, but know of DC debate alums that might want to attend (but d/n follow this listserv), pass on the word. Tell them Ross Smith will be there -- everyone knows Ross.

Times-locations can be found from Tim's post earlier this week:


Take it easy,


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