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Shawn Powers spowers
Fri Jan 16 13:14:40 CST 2009

Hi All,

Here is a plug for the recently launched CSIS's PONI (Project on  
Nuclear Issues) Debates the Issues (PDTI) blog, located on the World  
Wide Web at < http://forums.csis.org/poni/ >. As far as I can tell,  
this is an all-you-need-to-know on nuclear issues website and a  
tremendous resource for research and staying up to date with nuclear  
news. Two former debaters are involved in the effort: Chris Jones and  
Jessica Yeats.

Forwarded from recently promoted to Research Assistant on the PONI  
project, Chris Jones:

> I wanted to write to inform you about CSIS's PONI Debates the Issues  
> (PDTI) blog that went live yesterday.  Given debaters propensity for  
> talking about nuclear weapons, albeit perhaps a bit less on an  
> agricultural subsidies topic, the blog can serve as an excellent  
> resource for keeping up to date on important nuclear developments  
> and get involved in debate and discussion with people from all  
> across the nuclear community.  The blog will also feature an "Ask  
> the Ambassador" section where blog members can submit questions to  
> Ambassador Linton Brooks and see his response.  Additionally, the  
> blog will feature the"PONI Reference Desk" which will provide links  
> to important nuclearinformation.  To join the blog simply go to http://forums.csis.org/poni/ 
>  and registration is located in the left column.  You can also sign  
> up to have updates sent directly to your e-mail through our  
> FeedBurner service.  See you all soon./CJ

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