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14th Annual Val Browning Round Robin @ Weber State University
January 17th-18th, 2009
Hampton Inn & Suites, Historic Downtown Ogden
Saturday, January 17th
Round 1 (Round STARTS at 8:30 AM)
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
304                                          Denver                   v.             Gonzaga                                Cheek, RyanOlympic Board Room          Weber                    v.             Fullerton                                Crowe, Chris204                                          Whitman                v.             Idaho State                           Dunn, IzakWeber Room                         Wyoming              v.             Columbia                               Dekeyzer, Aaron Round 2 (Round STARTS ay 11:00 AM)
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
304                                          Columbia               v.             Denver                                   Dunn, Izak204                                          Fullerton                v.             Whitman                               Klosterboer, NichelleWeber Room                         Gonzaga                 v.             Wyoming                              Montano, FrankOlympic Board Room          Idaho State            v.             Weber                                    Hardy, Aaron  Round 3 (Round STARTS at 2:30 PM)
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
204                                          Columbia               v              Fullerton                                Cheek, Ryan304                                          Gonzaga                 v.             Idaho State                           Foy, JohnOlympic Board Room          Weber                    v.             Denver                                   Dekeyzer, AaronWeber Room                         Wyoming              v.             Whitman                               Tews, Richard Round 4 (Round STARTS at 5:00 PM)
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
Weber Room                         Denver                   v.             Wyoming                              Guevara, Veronica304                                          Fullerton                v.             Gonzaga                                 Hardy, Aaron204                                          Idaho State            v.             Columbia                               Schrader, BrianOlympic Board Room          Whitman                v.             Weber                                    Montano, Frank 
Sunday, January 18th
Round 5 (Round STARTS at 10:30 AM)
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
Weber Room                         Gonzaga                 v.             Weber                                   Nielson, ToniOlympic Board Room          Idaho State            v.             Denver                                   Crowe, Chris 304                                          Wyoming              v.             Fullerton                                Dunn, Izak204                                          Whitman                v.             Columbia                               Foy, John 
Round 6 (Round STARTS at 2:00 PM)
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
304                                          Denver                   v.             Whitman                                Nielson, ToniOlympic Board Room          Fullerton                v.             Idaho State                            Montano, Frank 204                                          Columbia               v.             Gonzaga                                 Crowe, Chris Weber Room                         Weber                    v.             Wyoming                              Odekirk, Scott Round 7 (Round STARTS at 4:30 PM)             -- FLIP FOR SIDES no later than 400 PM-- 
Room                                      Affirmative                           Negative                                Critic
204                                          Gonzaga                 v.             Whitman                               Schrader, Brian304                                          Wyoming              v              Idaho State                            Nielson, Toni Olympic Board Room          Denver                   v.             Fullerton                                Guevara, Omar 
Weber Room                         Columbia               v.             Weber                                    Klosterboer, Nichelle
Important Announcements

Lunch in the Bonaventure Room @ 1:15 PM on Saturday, and 1:00 PM on Sunday
Dinner in the Bonaventure Room @ 7:30 PM on Saturday, and 7:00 PM Sunday
Politics, Sports, and the largest private collection of HST artwork in Northern Utah at the Coach?s and Judge?s Lounge (open all weekend!): Call 801-391-6614 for a free ride anytime (please leave the driving to us!) and enter through the backyard rear entrance.  DO NOT KNOCK on the front door and wake up Omarcito or Amaia J.
A social evening for our competitors! Saturday night after Round 4.  Call 435-650-3635 for more information and a free ride (don?t drive, we insist on it!)
Respect our friends at the Hampton Inn & Suites, and Respect those who work at Ogden?s finest downtown hotel.  Do not smoke in your room. Do not smoke in the lobby.  Do not smoke ANYWHERE but outside and on the north-side of the building. Do not expect any mercy if you violate this common sense and completely obvious policy.
JUDGES: Please do not disclose your decision at then end of the round.  Results will be read at the award ceremony on Sunday night.
Weber State University Debate, The Department of Communication, and The College of Arts & Humanities at Weber State University would like to thank the Val Browning Foundation for their continued support of excellence in competitive academic debate.  The Val Browning Round Robin is the nation?s second oldest intercollegiate round robin, established in 1994.  Over the past 14 years, the ?Val? (as it is commonly known in the collegiate debate community) has drawn some of the finest college debate in the nation.  Please read more about the history of the Val Browning Round Robin at: 

Omar G Guevara II
Director of Forensics
Department of Communication
College of Arts & Humanities
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

801.626.6220 (Office)
801.668.6910 (Cell)
Oguevara at hotmail.com
Oguevara at weber.edu

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