[eDebate] List of teams clearing at the George Mason Tournament

Niccolo Cortes Paqueo npaqueo
Sat Jan 17 19:29:05 CST 2009

Teams Clearing in Open:

JMU CF (Shruti Chaganti and Tori Federwisch)
JCU LS (Andy Labuza and Chris Schroeder)
Mary Washington DS (Nathaniel Delano and Ben Saunders)
Mary Washington GS (Amanda Gardner and Andrew Snyder-Beattie)
Mary Washington SS (Sean Slattery and Peter Susko)
Rutgers CP (Kevin Cenac and Chris Pinho)

Teams Clearing in JV:

Mary Washington GL (Aff)v. JMU ES 

Teams Clearing in Novice:

Clarion FF (Briana Fierst and Nichole Flick)
Clarion PS (Braden Picardi and Emily Salim)
JMU AW (Tuba Ahmed and Mark Waugh)
JCU NV (Katie Nowak and CHris Vasquez)
Liberty AE (Joshua Armstrong and Maria Eller)
Liberty CS (Min Cho and Jake Shelton)
Liberty DT (Melanie Darling and Beau Troxclair)
Liberty KT (Hannah Krieg and Tiera Thompson)
Liberty LT (Kate Lacaze and Chelsea Thompson)

All Judges are obligated 1 round past their teams' elimination from the tournament.

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