[eDebate] Val Browning Round Robin @ Weber State, Final Results

omar guevara oguevara
Sun Jan 18 22:44:36 CST 2009

We just finished the reading of the ballots at the award banquet:
1.  University of Wyoming (Sam/Jamie)  6-1
2.  Gonzaga University (Jim/Paul)  6-1
3.  Columbia University (Shree/John) 5-2
Not receiving an award, but posting a winning record:
4.  Weber State University (Stacy/Shola)  5-2
Speaker Awards:
5.  Tyler Warner, University of Denver
4.  Stacy Dawson,  Weber State University
3.  Spencer Jaynk, Whitman College
2.  Jamie Cheek, University of Wyoming
And your TOP Speaker at the 2009 Val Browning Round Robin......
1. SAM ALLEN from the University of Wyoming!!
The coach of the year award went to Brian Schrader from the University of Denver.  The Browning, along with all of us, foundation would like to thank Brian for his years of service to our community.
Congrats to the Cowboys for winning their third Val in the past five years!
Good Times in Ogden,

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