[eDebate] Seoul National University, Tenure Track PHD jobs

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Tue Jan 20 01:22:38 CST 2009

Seoul National University seeks two people for tenure track jobs.  the application deadline has passed, but they are still reviewing applications.  Contact them (not me) directly about the job.  The announcement is attached in the PDF.

Jason Jarvis

KDI School
Seoul, Korea

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 16:18:03 +0900
Subject: SNU Communications/Debate Opening
From: ehumphrey at idebate.org
To: loganimal at gmail.com; debatekorea at hotmail.com

Hey Logan,
Here's the job announcement for the SNU position I talked about. They're looking at hiring two (potentially three) tenure-track professors, with one professor also responsible for heading a debate program. 
Jason, I don't know if you know anyone who is interested-- but I spoke with the dean of SNU last month, and I believe they're still reviewing applications for this.
Best wishes,

Elizabeth Humphrey
IDEA Program Coordinator
phone from Korea: 02.2646.7659 ext. 157
phone from outside Korea: (+82) 2.2646.7659 ext. 157
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