[eDebate] West Ga Final Results & Speaker Awards

Sarah Holbrook sholbrook.debate
Tue Jan 20 14:11:54 CST 2009

Thanks to everyone for joining us in Carrollton, we enjoyed hosting
you. Thanks also to Adorno & Yoss for their incredible support of our
tournament and college debate in general. Their generosity allowed us
to offer outstanding hospitality to all participants and cash prizes
to the top ten speakers and the tournament champion. They were also on
hand during the tournament to speak to interested debaters about law
school/careers in general and opportunities available with their firm.
We look forward to working with them in the future and thank them
again for their support of college debate!

Congrats to Kansas, tournament champion and recipients of two giant
novelty checks for sweeping top speaker and winner. We promise your
real checks are in the mail!

Congrats to North Texas for a great tournament, they gave Kansas a
serious run for the money in the finals.

Speakers -

1. Brett Bricker - Kansas - $1000
2. Stephen Weil - Emory - $900
3. Kuntal Cholera - UNT - $800
4. Nate Johnson - Kansas - $700
5. Rob Mulholland - Northwestern - $600
6. Seungwon Chung - Wake - $500
7. Doowon Chung - Wake - $400
8. Logan Gramzinski - Samfiord - $300
9. RJ Giglio - Oklahoma - $200
10. Stephanie Spies - Northwesten - $100
11. Nick Watts - Oklahoma
12. Brittney Cambre - Georgia
13. Caroline Harkins - Dartmouth
14. Adam Schmidt - Georgia
15. Pradeep Pramanik - Emory
16. Matt Senghas - Emory
17. Carlos Maza - Wake
18. Shane Avidan - Dartmouth
19. Mike Lacy - Georgia
20. Lauren Sabino - Wake

Kansas (univ. Of) BJ (Aff) defeated Georgia HW 3-0 Kall,
Keenan, Galloway,
Emory SW (Aff) defeated Samford BG 3-0
Gonzalez, Morris, Walters, H
Georgia CS advances over Georgia BL
Wake Forest MS (Neg) defeated Emory IP 3-0 Watson,
Matheson, Turner,
Northwestern MS (Neg) defeated Wake Forest CC 3-0 Osborn, Olsen,
Mancuso, S
Oklahoma GW Advances Over Oklahoma KT
North Texas (univ.) CP (Aff) defeated Missouri State FW 2-1
Lacy, Harrigan, *Hamraie,
Wake Forest SS (Neg) defeated Dartmouth AH 2-1 Lee,
*Herndon, Harris,

Kansas (univ. Of) BJ (Neg) defeated Wake Forest SS 3-0 Morris,
Er Herndon, J Osborn
North Texas (univ.) CP (Aff) defeated Emory SW 2-1 Harris,
*Watson, H Whitmore,
Oklahoma GW (Aff) defeated Georgia CS 2-1
*Hamraie, Petit, Hill
Wake Forest MS (Aff) defeated Northwestern MS 2-1 Matheson,
Lee, *Olsen

Kansas defeats Wake Forest MS - Herndon, J Lee, Ed Watson, Ha
North Texas CP defeats Oklahoma GW Gonzalez, Harris, Sc Koehle, Jo

Finals -
Kansas defeats North Texas - Gonzalez, Lacy, Lundeen

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