[eDebate] Preliminary ADA announcement

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
Tue Jan 20 17:39:28 CST 2009

Hello friends,
I will be sending the official invitation in the next day or two, but I wanted to send a message to begin the process and give some information up front.
The tournament will start on Friday the 13th and run through Sunday the 16th. A detailed schedule will follow. 
Boone is a beautiful place to live and visit and I would encourage you to see more than just the campus when you come. To many times we travel on tournaments and never get to enjoy the beauty and wonders that may be right around us. Therefore we would like to officially invite all of you to the Pre-tournament events below. Because of the nature of the ski trip and hikes, early reservation commitments would be nice. The hikes will take place as some have already committed to coming, but unless there are enough requests for the ski trip we will have to cancel.

Thursday, March 12th

Pre-tournament Hike to Scenic Destination within
Watauga County. We will be leaving at two separate times to accommodate groups
different arrival times and schedules. We will coordinate these times with
those interested in the hike. If you are interested, please contact Mariam
Willis @ razianwillis at hotmail.com

Pre-tournament Ski Trip. At your own expense
(although with a substantial discount) we will also be hosting a trip to the
Sugar Mountain Ski Resort for a day of snowboarding, skiing and tubbing. You can look at the resort at http://www.skisugar.com. Please contact
us quickly so we can make appropriate reservations with the resort if you want
to come. Please contact Mariam Willis @ razianwillis at hotmail.com

There has also been rumor of a football game between
Liberty and JMU. If this does in fact happen, I will send the details for a
large crowd to observe as I am sure it will be entertaining.Sincerely,Kris and Mariam Willis

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