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Wed Jan 21 14:31:07 CST 2009

Thanks to the hosts of the Val Browning Round Robin for a great weekend!
The weather was nice, the food (prime rib) delicious, the competition
freaky, and the hospitality nonpareil.  Everything happened at the hotel,
and all the food was provided by the tournament, so flip flops were in vogue
in the heart of northern Utah's abyssal winter.  Nobody makes you feel quite
at home like the Guevaras, and they use *their* home to pull it off (and
yes, Omar's basement is happenin').  Special thanks to Veronica for making
the tournament happen and freeing up Omar's time to hang out with all of us;
and Tews also deserves special recognition for shuttling us all around to
various hospitalities and even bringing me coffee at some point.  Also, I
would thank John Foy (Glueboy), but it would only come off as biased.

loves the OG,
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