[eDebate] Navy Prefs

Thomas O'Gorman tomogorman
Thu Jan 22 09:18:17 CST 2009

Navy Prefs are open.  Will keep them open till 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.
 Please place at least 12 judges in each of categories 1 through 4.  You may
place 3 strikes as 6s.  Remainder and conflicts to go in category 5; (GMU OR
you may have more conflicts than there are 5s, if so you can start using up
some of your 4s as well).  Prefs are open for all divisions.  Also there are
a handful of judges that are jv/novice or novice only, so those pref sheets
will be slightly different.
Email me with any questions or problems.

Tom O'Gorman
Navy Debate

"[T]he way to make your fate your choice is to choose it, fearlessly, your
lungs drinking the air. It makes the gods ashamed."  -- Elizabeth Cook,
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