[eDebate] Navy Registration Announcement

Thomas O'Gorman tomogorman
Thu Jan 22 19:57:21 CST 2009

Registration tonight and tomorrow is at the hotel; the Best Western at 2520
Riva Road, Annapolis Maryland.  149 is in the rearmost building of the Best
Western on the north side.

You will need to stop by tomorrow in order to pick up your car pass, or else
you wont be able to drive on the Yard.

Getting into the Yard you should take Gate 8.  Which is on Bowyer Road just
east of its intersection with Wainwright Road.  Here is a
directions from the hotel.  The buildings are the same as always;
Rickover, Maury, and Sampson.  Except that this year that central gathering
area is being refurbished so the Tab will be in Rickover along with the food
and with Varsity.  JV and Novice will be in Maury and Sampson.

Any questions ask at Reg.

See you tomorrow,
Tom O'Gorman
Navy Debate

PS map link if scrubbed;

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