[eDebate] Dartmouth Round Robin

Kenneth M. Strange Kenneth.M.Strange
Sun Jan 25 20:34:17 CST 2009

The tab sheet  for the Dartmouth Round Robin is attached.  It is a word document and may not be readable for all.  I'll send it again as a pdf later.  In case it can't be read, here are the main results:

Team Results: 	1st 	Northwestern	5-1	  	 	
		2nd	Cal-Berkeley	4-2   	 	 
		3rd 	Wake Forest	3-3	343.5
			Dartmouth 	3-3	341	
Speakers		1st 	Brett Bricker	172.5  			 	 
		2nd 	Seth Gannon	172  	 
		3rd 	Alex Lamballe 	171.5	114.5	 
			Tripp Rebrovick	171.5	114	57      7 ranks  		
	          		Caroline Harkins	171.5	114	57    11 ranks	

Within a few days, round reports will be put on the wiki.
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