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IT'S NOT TOO LATE? The Department of Communication Studies at UNLV has a 
"rolling" deadline for admission to our M.A. program and assistantship 
positions.   Please consider graduate school and coaching at UNLV.  There 
are several key selling points associated with our program and school: 
1) You can get in on the ground floor of a great new program.  Our squad 
has the right attitude, work ethic, and will to win.  Our students are all 
good people, appreciative, and wonderful to work with.  Also, we have a 
large new scholarship endowment and are attracting some of the best 
recruits in America to UNLV.  The explicit goal of our squad is to become 
a national powerhouse.  We are a growing program, and as a coach in this 
new program, you have the ability to shape the future of our team. 
2) You can get a free M.A. in our top-notch Communication Studies program. 
 You can concentrate in Rhetoric or Interpersonal Communication.  My 
expertise is in rhetoric, so I'll go into detail about that portion of the 
department (although I can provide information on other aspects of the 
department at your request).  We have six key faculty in rhetoric alone. 
These faculty members include the current editor of the Quarterly Journal 
of Speech, a past editor of the Quarterly Journal of Speech, the past 
president of NCA, the president of the Rhetoric Society of America, as 
well as several bright up-and-coming faculty members who are set to be 
rock stars in the discipline. 
3) You'd get to go to school in Vegas, baby.... 
4)  Your degree is essentially free AND you'd earn a $10,000 per year 
stipend.. The money-making opportunities don't end there.  You would also 
have the opportunity to: 
a) Earn an extra $3000 in the summer semester teaching a brief summer 
b) Earn a good deal of extra money working at our summer HS institute 
(starting this summer--2009) 
c) When traveling with us you get the full meal stipend (often up to $50 
per day), whatever you don't spend you get to keep. 
d) When traveling with us you get to hire out for any rounds not needed to 
cover our commitment. 
5) UNLV offers our GAs deeply discounted health insurance 
6) You would have the opportunity to gain teaching experience as well as 
coaching experience. 
7) We're a privately funded program, so there is no need to ever worry 
about budget cuts or state financial troubles taking our budget. 
8) We debate at every major national tournament in America, we travel in 
style, we fly most places, we (almost) always stay in the tournament 
hotel, etc. 
9) Our team has an unprecedented level of institutional support.  The 
former dean of our college was a high school debater.  The Chair of the 
Department of Communication Studies was a coach at Kansas, Iowa State, and 
Emporia State University.  The entire Department of Communication Studies 
(in which our program is "housed") is deeply supportive of our program. 
10) Great things are on the immediate horizon for debate in Las Vegas. 
Aside from the re-birth of the UNLV debate program, local high school 
debate is undergoing an unprecedented expansion.  The 2007-8 NFL Nationals 
was held here in Las Vegas with the opening ceremonies held right here on 
the UNLV campus.  We will host NDCA nationals in April 2009 (and 
potentially again in the future). There already are 2 TOC bid tournaments 
held in the Las Vegas Valley.  We're starting a summer high school debate 
institute this summer, and in addition, Las Vegas is an integral part of 
the Urban Debate League's national expansion plan.   
For further information, please feel free to contact me via email or 

Jacob Thompson, Ph.D.
Director, Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum 
Assistant Professor In Residence
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Department of Communication Studies
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway Box 45052
Las Vegas, NV 89154-4502
office (702) 895-3474
fax (702) 895-4805
cell (702) 809-9670

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