Luke Hill lukephill
Thu Jan 29 08:57:24 CST 2009

Hopefully the two things you cannot live without at a tournament caught your
attention.  As the Northwestern tournament draws closer we continue to work
to make Evanston a fun and enjoyable space to host a great tournament.  Once
again we need your help to do that.
1) Update your information on debateresults.  Many squads still have not
entered dietary information or the total number of people in their party.
 We plan on providing 6 complete meals at the tournament and need accurate
numbers from you to make sure we all get to eat.

2) Internet Access-  If you have people in your entourage who are not listed
as a judge or a participant I need to know who they are by the end of
business today (Jan 29).  We must assign each individual a unique access
code and our IT department is calling for names.  You cannot share your
access codes and it will be a generally cleaner process during the
tournament if everyone has their own code.

Please let me know if you have any questions or anything I can do to help
you with arrangements in Evanston.

Luke and Dan

Luke P. Hill
Program Coordinator
Northwestern Debate Society
847-467-0345 (o)
678-852-9280 (c)
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