[eDebate] Brett Bricker is a rich man

michael hester uwgdebate
Thu Jan 29 10:16:07 CST 2009

pics of the winners and their big novelty checks can be found at:



On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 12:58 PM, michael hester <uwgdebate at gmail.com>wrote:

> he wins the parlay - top speaker and along with Nate Johnson, the
> tournament - and earns $1500. with his 4th place speaker award ($700),  Nate
> earned $1200. leaving a debate tournament $2700 richer than when you left
> home and it's not the UNLV tournament? not bad for a weekend's work.
> congrats to KU. Rock Chalk indeed.
> thanks to everyone who joined us this past weekend. we had a blast hosting
> yall and look forward to doing it again.
> hester
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