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A few people have asked about the ?system? that I intend to use for determining the first-rounds. 

Attached is a document that explains the system that I intend to use this year. 

A few caveats: 

1.??????? It uses data from last year ? so as to avoid the appearance that I may be trying to sway the upcoming vote. 

2.??????? I was not a voter last year ? so if you didn?t care for how you finished in last year?s balloting, this document had nothing to do with that.

3.??????? I am not entirely wed to this system ?for 2008-9 voting ? I am posting (in part) b/c I believe that this system can be tweaked and improved upon. Gordon Stables, in particular, has a more advanced system for calculating the impact of regional tourneys that ? frankly ? is more advanced than I comprehend. I would be open to non-bombastic critiques of this system that are designed to improve the quality of my voting. 

4.??????? My other motivation in posting is transparency. If School A wants to know the damn system that I intend to use, I think they have a reasonable right to know. I can envision this decreasing the ?shock? of finding out that you narrowly missed. I can envision this even helping schools to roughly ?know where they stand? heading into the closing tourneys of the 2008-9 campaign. 

5.??????? This document excludes data (from 2007-8) for MSU teams.  

6.??????? I think the two strengths of this system are that: 

a)??????? It weights wins and losses. Losing 5 times to the Copeland Winner is ? in fact ? different than losing 5 times to ?an applicant?. 

b)?????? It weights wins and losses of non-applicants. Each year -- for a host of reasons ? some competitive teams do not apply. Wins or losses to those teams should, in my opinion, still be considered in an applicant's resume. 

7.??????? Nothing in this post means that I intend to divulge the precise breakdown of how I vote for first-rounds in 2008-9.  

8.??????? I intend to use a different system for second-round balloting. That system involves ?weighting? wins and losses, but places more emphasis on the applicants results against teams that have qualified for the NDT.

The rest is attached.


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