[eDebate] Northwestern Judging - Prefs

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Fri Jan 30 13:59:16 CST 2009

A couple of quick reminders about judging for Northwestern.
1)  Since there are SEVEN prelims, no one can be in the pool for more than SEVEN rounds.  Please check.
2)  The judging obligation is 4 rounds per team (based on invite and Luke's e-mail).  I'm interpreting that to mean that if you have 2 teams it is 8 (not 7), 3 teams is 12, and so forth.
3)  If you have constraints, in addition to entering them in Bruschke, feel free to communicate them directly to me.
4)  I would like to open up the mutual pref by Wednesday noon.  It works MUCH better if the judging pool is essentially frozen at that time.  Please work to finalize all of your judging by Tuesday night.  If you are hiring judges from other schools, please send me that info in an e-mail message as well.  THANKS
We will be using ORDINAL ranking of the judges for Northwestern.
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