[eDebate] New Aff to this topic? But run on previous topic?

Justin Green jmgreen
Fri Jan 30 18:10:21 CST 2009

Kansas State has encountered 2 different schools who have run the same
(nearly all=90%) aff as they did in years previous.

team 1: One school was very upfront "we are going to run the same aff
that "x" team did 2 years ago".
team 2: Another said "it's new" and said a very similar aff that 1 of
the members had run before.

In neither of the instances did the exact text of the resolution have
much to do with the argument advanced.  In other words, the resolution
excluded "insert similar subject here" in very similar manners.  The
resolution was talked about very little.

Is there a need to disclose affs that are very similar to previous topics?

curious if my very minor degree of angst with team 2 is shared by others,

Justin Green

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