[eDebate] Hurricane Debates Rounds 3 and 4 second try

Steinberg, David L dave
Fri Jan 30 21:08:08 CST 2009

Sorry about the formatting...  remember breakfast 9ish, lunch after round 4

Round 3 Open, 10 am
aff                     neg                   room                 judge
Bard BE            UF KU              COM 4027         Richter, N.
FSU PR            UF ST               COM 4053         Smith, R.
Miami BG          Navy AF            COM 4051         Silber, M
Navy PS            UF MR              COM 4028         Voth, B
Vancy AW        Wake BM          COM 3055         Bowers, J

Round 4            Open, 12:30 pm
aff                     neg                   room                 judge
UF KU              Miami BG          COM 4051         Verney-O'Gorman
UF MR              FSU PR            COM 4053         Cusick, C
UF ST               Navy PS            COM 4028         Roubidoux, D
Navy AF            Vandy AW        COM 3055         Kish, G
Wake BM          Bard BE            COM 4027         Larey, J

Round 3 Novice, 10 am
aff                     neg                   room                 judge
USF BT             Wisc. IL                        COM 2055         Prieur, J
Vandy CG         USF OS            COM 3032         Larey, J
Miami AM         UF EL               COM 3033         Rosen, A
SMU MR           Miami LW         COM 3053         Cusick, C
Wisc. BV          Vandy OW        COM 4026         Izquierdo, J
USF CF            Miami MR         COM 4029         Kish, G

Round 4 Novice, 12:30 pm
aff                     neg                   room                 judge
UF EL               Vandy CG         COM 3032         Prieur, J
Miami LW         USF CF            COM 4029         Mader, S
Miami MR         Wisc. BV          COM 4026         Rosen, A
USF OS            SMU MR           COM 3053         Izquierdo, J
Vandy OW        USF BT             COM 2055         Richter, N
Wisc IL             Miami AM         COM 3033         Silber, M

David L. Steinberg

Director of Debate, University of Miami

P.O. Box 248127

Coral Gables, Florida   33124

305-284-5553 (office)

305-284-5216 (fax)

305-926-8498 (cell)

dave at miami.edu<mailto:dave at miami.edu>

Go Canes!

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