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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Mon Jan 5 21:00:25 CST 2009

Thanks to Mike, RJ Green, Donald Bryson, and the JMU debaters for hosting a fantastic tournament.  It featured fine competition (including Open debaters playing nicely with novices) and excellent hospitality, and it ran ahead of schedule!  Atmosphere was very friendly and nurturing for young debaters as well.  Oh, and it was cheap, too!

The Mountaineers look forward to the second half of the Swing at Mary Washington (where we stand a good chance of debating the "other" Mountaineers from Appalachian State).

Hopefully, next year's Commonwealth Swing (they do need a catchier name) will attract a larger field.  It's a great value in budget-tight times (no disrespect intended for the other fine swings)!

--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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  Vandy BN defeated Liberty DG on a 2-1 Davis, M., Noerr, Hahn*

  Congrats to Vanderbilt for being the first varsity champions of 2009. 

  Mary Washington was the first champions of the year winning both the JV and Novice divisions.
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