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I think my suggestion of free beer pong after round eight has been excluded from
this discussion and it makes me feels sad.


Quoting Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com>:

> Sadly for any amongst you looking for an exciting edebate clash, im filing
> most of this under Darrens first inclination "what it might look like"
> I had a vision of what CEDA nationals could look like and i thought it worth
> sharing. If elected i would be excited to work toward it.
> But the presidency of CEDA is not a dictatorship. If the membership was not
> supportive of the move, didnt want to vote on the bid, or hopefully had
> ideas that altered it to make it better, i would happily
> work collaboratively with the ec and the community to support the desire of
> the organization. But lets not pretend that presidents don't seek and assist
> bid submitters.
> I recognize the money is not workable in the current set up but i believe we
> can cut/shift/fund alot of the current costs, especially if working in
> an environment the president knows well. My goal is to make CEDA nationals
> as affordable as possible and most of my plans are in line with that goal.
> The reason it is difficult to do the same thing for JV novice Nationals is
> because it is not put on by a large national  organization. YOURS and the
> Towson University foundation both provide 501 C3 status to the event but not
> the same way ceda would. The bargaining power of a national organization
> with colleges all over the nation as its membership is simply higher than a
> sub-account of university foundation or small startup non profit.
> On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 5:47 PM, Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu> wrote:
> > Just a couple quick thoughts/questions from sunny Texas and the 2 Step:
> >
> > The other candidates should feel free to state their opinion with regards
> > to the following as well.  How would you do it differently or similarly?
> >
> > 1.  You say below, if elected, your Nationals would be in Baltimore.  If I
> > were to vote for you and you won, does that mean Baltimore would definitely
> > be the site for CEDA in your year as President?  Or does that fall under
> the
> > first statement, "what it might look like"?  Or do you plan on abandoning
> > the long standing tradition of allowing member schools to submit bids to
> > host CEDA that are voted on by the Executive Council?  Some may favor a
> bold
> > move and a yes response would persuade them in your favor.  Others may be
> > dissuaded by a significant change in course.  One reason the bid process is
> > important, is to ensure schools, who might need to host for PR reasons, get
> > a shot to put forth a bid.  When OU hosted, it was a PR advantage.  And it
> > saved CEDA a ton of money thanks to the generosity of President Boren.
> This
> > year, Idaho State was chosen for 2 major factors.  First, we have never
> been
> > to the Rocky Mountain Region and it was important to support a growing
> > debate Regio
> >  n.  Second, they have a donor who has given their program, and will give
> > CEDA Nationals a significant sum of money.  It was important for ISU and
> > this donor to host CEDA this year.  The committee voted for that bid due in
> > large part to those factors.  Berkley won next years bid because they were
> > willing to do both the NDT and CEDA, back-to-back, making it convenient for
> > people going to both.  So for many, the bid process is an important one.
> >
> > 2.  Your figures about CEDA Nationals making 20-30,000 dollars are very
> > misleading.  Once we pay out catering for the receptions, trophies, any
> > convention space cost at the hotel, pay for the hired tournament staff,
> misc
> > bills, the Journal, etc. the amount usually about breaks even.  We are not
> > making a profit.  Those figures also do not take into account the current
> > budget model CEDA is trying to follow.  A couple years ago we moved from
> the
> > notion that CEDA should have to make enough money to pay all of our
> > expenses, putting us at the mercy if the tournament's size each year.  The
> > goal was to make us financially stable off of membership dues, AND to
> reduce
> > the cost to attend CEDA.  Your figures assume $100 entry fees per team.  We
> > have moved beyond that model, and in the future hope to charge team fees
> > that just cover the costs of the tournament, not running the organization
> as
> > they previously have.  This means we charge $150 for membershio now as
> > opposed to $50 per school,
> >  and we plan to reduce the cost of entry fees for CEDA Nationals for the
> > first time in the history of the National Tournament.  If your goal was to
> > have all the above costs absorbed by local Baltimore businesses, that would
> > be great.  But it would seem to be a reason to continue with the "make CEDA
> > affordable" model we are moving towards, and reducing entry fees for the
> > programs competing.
> >
> > 3.  A final thought.  Your ideas below are great and grand.  My points
> > above are not to deny your passion or vision.  They were to illuminate the
> > current structure.  But I do wonder if you could pull off something like
> you
> > envision, by doing this through the Novice/JV Nationals that Baltimore
> hosts
> > yearly.  It seems like a yearly commitment might be even more successful
> and
> > would have greater long term benefits, and an on-going relationship between
> > debate and the Baltimore community.  WHat do you think?
> >
> > chief
> >
> > Darren Elliott
> > Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
> > CEDA President
> >
> >
> > ANDY ELLIS WROTE:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> >
> > So one of the key roles of a ceda president is to coordinate a CEDA
> > nationals.
> > Here is what mine might look like.
> >
> > It would be in Baltimore.
> >
> > The hotel would be downtown at the harbor. Perhaps the new hilton (its
> > connected to the convention center and next to a light rail stop that takes
> > you too and from the airport-we will run an evidence shuttle) you
> > really shouldn't have to rent a car if you dont want to, everything you
> > need
> > is at the harbor, food, drink, aquarium, science center, shopping, slots,
> > cool neighborhoods... Camden yards is right next door perhaps we could get
> > CEDA nats night at Camden yards... The out rounds would be held at the
> > convention center. They would be open to the public. If possible i would
> > like to charge for ticket packages, perhaps $10 per day or $15 for both
> > days. We can't fill it, but i bet alot of you could convince folks who you
> > know on the eastern seaboard to come up. It would be great in my eyes if
> > there where people not from the tournament watching our elimination rounds,
> > and i think we have more power to make it happen then we think we do. I
> > would even try to arrange alumni packages at the hotels if say the jay
> > hawks wanted to bring a large contingent.
> >
> > The hospitality could be hooked up and the scene can't be beat...
> >
> > Prelims.
> >
> > There are dozens of college campuses....but i am less interested in
> > that(though could definitely arrange it), instead i would like to work with
> > the city and the local business community to form a partnership that uses
> > the investment debate programs make in ceda nationals toward a socially
> > just
> > goal. CEDA nationals makes about 20 to 30 thousand, in my vision that
> > 20,000
> > could be CEDApartnership stake in the renovation of vacant homes schools or
> > buildings. For that investment CEDA would get the following:
> >
> > The First occupant of the buildings would be CEDA nationals. It would be
> > renovated in a way that worked for the tournament but was
> > easily transformable into affordable housing and/or office space for
> > community groups.
> > After CEDA nationals CEDA would get community space for a center where CEDA
> > college debaters could work with high school students and a space where
> > local college students could do internship projects for the organization.
> > Otherwise the space would be utilized for affordable housing and office
> > space by the city/developer/ etc.
> >
> > The renovation of course would be cause for a celebration and the city
> > would
> > probably close the street and throw some kind of party and make you feel
> > kinda like you where on a campus.
> >
> > Habitat for Humanity would be a good CEDA partner perhaps...
> >
> > Once we have this as our goal- using our enterprise toward social goals,
> > without sacrificing our enterprise- it becomes a lot easier to build small
> > amounts of guaranteed capital investment into matching grants...in other
> > words...if we can guarantee that we can raise 20 k we can raise money with
> > a
> > 20 k match.
> >
> > There would be a webpage for CEDA nationals that was functional and
> > friendly. It would have been a two year collaborative project that led up
> > to
> > it, where tech talented people in the community collaborated with students
> > (high school and college) to build the site that people need(but also the
> > platform for the future). As long as there is education going on, money is
> > available...the point agin being that using something we need (a good web
> > platform for our national tournament) in the service of a social goal
> > (teaching tech skills on a big project ) kinda just makes more sense.
> >
> > I would work with networks of youth non profits in Baltimore and hopefully
> > be able to get photographers, events workers, ballot runners, video people,
> > t shirt designers, and everything else under the sun, we might have to pay
> > them, but thats a good investment on our part.
> >
> > There is something about the prelims working with and not just in a
> > community that will drive people out to see the out rounds at the
> > convention
> > center.
> >
> > Oh yeah, the whole thing would be broadcast live at least over the
> > internet,
> > and who knows maybe on CSPAN, or something more exciting.
> >
> > Don't get me wrong, I'm not forgetting about debate, in fact the rooms
> > would
> > be configured more ideally for debate than any other location, because its
> > first use would be debate. I am not looking to sacrifice what we do, im
> > looking to get more return out of our investment.
> > Accessibility ? Actually that works better in my model as well. If CEDA had
> > an idea of how many rooms needed to be "accessible" that would be that many
> > more accessible rooms on that block...see how this works.
> >
> >
> >
> > Now this is gonna take organizing, money, work, and commitment. But we can
> > do it and we should want to do it...Its good for people(the prelims) the
> > planet (don't have to rent a car and transforming brownfields into
> > affordable housing) and profit (the elims and the money that funds the
> > social projects) and it would be the most fun place to ever have a hotel.
> >
> > If you like the idea but think its unrealistic, don't stop liking the idea,
> > work with me to make it realistic.
> >
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