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ed lee bamadebate
Mon Jan 12 11:25:43 CST 2009

We pay in cash at the tournament.  We are interested in even 1 or 2 rounds if you have them.  Thanks in advance.  


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We look forward to seeing all of you in February for the Owen L. Coon but wanted to send out a couple of quick reminders.
1)  The hotel reservation date is fast approaching, please secure your rooms at the Orrington soon.  Remember to identify yourself as an attendee of Owen L. Coon Memorial Debates when making your reservation.  The cut-off date for your reservations is Friday, January 16. 
2)  We are quickly approaching our team cap.  If you plan on joining us in Evanston next month please enter on debatersults.com as soon as possible so that we have an accurate idea of how much space to secure on campus.  We are working hard to ensure that the OLC will be a great experience for all, but need your help on accurate numbers to work on that.
3)  Judging reminder.  We will be moving to 7 rounds of competition this year.  However, some judges are entered for an 8 round commitment.  While we appreciate the effort of these judges constraints of the space time continuum will not allow for that arrangement to work.  The judging requirement is 4 rounds per team entered.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  lukephill at gmail dot com

Luke and Dan

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Program Coordinator
Northwestern Debate Society
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