[eDebate] New Aff? Pre round disclosure?

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
Wed Jan 21 19:40:53 CST 2009

We found ourselves in this situation recently. We initially said we had both a new and existing aff we could read, lost the toss, and then decided to read the current (Not New One) and disclosed.
My preference would be a community that doesn't have to disclose the "new aff" but one that would at least commit to reading a new or existing one. 
My one recognition would be that if we were the negative, we would prep the old aff anyway so it might not make much difference.
But I would prefer that one team not have potentially even more leverage in a flip situation or dare I say, even fake a new affirmative to try and get the other team to chose to read their own affirmative.


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> Subject: [eDebate] New Aff? Pre round disclosure?
> I have a question and trying to find a community opinion.
> If one team wins the toss, how should these scenarios play out.
> Do you have to commit to an affirmative before the other team chooses negative?
> Is it okay to say
> We could run a new aff or an old aff.
> or do you have to say the exact affirmative you would run?
> The key question, do you have to commit to a specific affirmative before the other team chooses their side?  Does that take away the reciprocity the team stuck with aff would have in relation to the coin toss?
> peace
> jackie
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