[eDebate] New Aff? The Ian Beier Switch

Eric Marlow EMarlow
Thu Jan 22 00:49:10 CST 2009

Having debated and coached with D. Hicks, I am sure that Chief is right...he still has nightmares about it.


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Any team coached by Ian Beier should have to dislose before the flip that IF they run a NEW AFF in the 1AR, it will be NEW and not an Aff ever run in a 1AR by any of his teams before.  If they have run it in the 1AC before however, I dont think its really new.


PS--Darren Hicks totally supports switch side debate.  Quit reading his cards to the contrary.  The other Elliott is right on this one.  Hicks judged me so many times, I still have nightmares.  Im sure he does as well.
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