[eDebate] Viking Debates Announcements

Max Archer max.o.archer
Thu Jan 29 14:02:31 CST 2009

Hi everyone.

We are looking forward to hosting you this weekend in the Quad Cities.

As of a few minutes ago, the weather seems quite reasonable for this time of
year.  Each day will be partly cloudy with a 10% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow (Friday) the high is 20, the low is 11.
Saturday the high is 35, the low is 24.
Sunday the high is 32, the low is 15.
Luckily all of the debates are in one building, so that should minimize your
exposure to the weather.

Judge Preferences are active on debateresults.  Please complete your prefs
by 9AM CST tomorrow (Friday).  We are low on judging, but will do everything
we can to make sure all judges are mutual.

The JV and Novice divisions will be collapsed together.  We will have break
out elimination debates for novices during Open and JV elims.

When you arrive on campus, please park either on 7th Avenue, west (uphill)
from Old Main.  You can also park in Lot E (at the corner of 38th street and
7th avenue, next to Centennial Hall).

Registration is in the Debate Union, Old Main 19.  Registration will begin
at 2:30pm.  Round One will begin at 4:30pm.

Please keep in mind that Friday classes are in session in Old Main until
4:00pm.  Please be mindful of the Augustana students and instructors in the
building by keeping your noise to a minimum.  There will be Augustana
students (conveniently identified by their Augustana apparel) present to
assist you moving your evidence.  Please don't use the very old, malfunction
prone elevators (unless you wish to be trapped inside).

If you have any questions, concerns or last minute changes, please call my
cell phone at 281-381-7328 or email me at max.o.archer at gmail.com

Looking forward to hosting you,

Max Archer
Director of Debate
Augustana College
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