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he proved the obvious.   
gerbil summoned the genius to prove that the discontent in iran was not purely the manipulation of the CIA and the mossad.   again, he's waxing mawkish with sympathy for the protesters.
he beat a ghost argument that never existed.   
he completely missed the whole argument but HE WON.
we'll break down the argument into smallest parts for gerbil brain.   i'm not going to re-debate this.  alleging that you won a ghost argument further proves your deliberate confusion.   you will find all of these elements in the hester discussion.    the elements are barely touched and most of them unaddressed by gerbil who tried to twist the discussion up a bunch of dead end roads.
by the way, if you suddenly start answering these arguments, you're only proving that you already LOST IRAN because you beat a ghost argument of your own imagination.  why should i re-debate this when you concocted a ghost argument to declare victory?  you'd be proving you're so confusing you got yourself confused.   i can't wait til our next area of debate so you can basically drop the whole argument and declare victory.    your only option is really to accept ghost victory and move on.   sorry, gerbil.  got an airforce jacket handy?  
1) ahmadinejad won.   the petras, friedman and the leverett evidence -- never answered.     as hester says, "friedman is solid".     hard not to conclude that US was, at least, partially involved with the superior evidence siding with ahmadinejad.  
chatham house has no definitive smoking gun that enough fraud took place to hand the victory to mousavi.   friedman and leverett take this into account.  the fraud claims also curiously underplay the role of US imperialism in iraq and afghanistan in strengthening the hardliners in demographic areas outside tehran where ahmadinejad crushed mousavi.
unanswered.   no comparative evidence that takes into account the responses to chatham house. friedman has an intelligence background.  he's no wacko.
****to this, you demand a recount.   what?   DUMBFUCK, THERE WAS A RECOUNT THAT MEETS US STANDARDS.   10%.   another retraction in the wings or did you misspeak confusing the issue?  you really are a FUCKING LIAR.****
2) the claim that mousavi won and the instigation of protests of a rigged election mimics georgia and ukraine colored revolutions.  
suspicions include:mousavi declaring victory the day before the election on the georgia and ukraine model.more than likely phony letter from the interior ministry claiming mousavi won--see robert fisk.
3) if mousavi did receive money from the national endowment for democracy or other US conduits and is himself a US stooge, then the goal was to channel pent up anger into a soft coup that would spread the discontent beyond the 30 or so %.  this didn't happen.   tehran remained the epicenter. 

4) challenging the election that ahmadinejad won to destabilize iran, unnecessarily puts the protesters at risk of brutal repression.   the soft coup was a bad idea and backfired.  the hardliners used its failure to consolidate power and now the US bargaining position is way weaker.   imperial projection in afghanistan will continue to strengthen ahmadinejad in the rural areas where he crushed mousavi.  curious blindspot/contradiction in the anti-ahmadinejad camp.
5) the twitter accounts that produced 30,000 tweets on the day of the election were traced to israeli email accounts.  the email accounts have been listed and no one has proven the accusation false.   israel already conducted cell phone misinformation campaigns in lebanon and gaza.  i never said the protesters were COMPLETELY duped by the US but given unanswered twitter arguments some allegations of state brutality may have been misinformation designed to swell the rallies to the point of a soft coup.  anyone who trusts twitter when the origination of tweets is not guaranteed to be authentic is susceptible to being duped even if they have legitimate gripes with their government.   again, the twitter strategy was never claimed to be the magic formula for creating discontent in iran where there was none.   the twitter strategy was designed to spread the discontent from 30 or so % to the majority.  many of the iranians using twitter during the protests were first timers susceptible to this type of manipulation.  facebook was also used for manipulation.
group all 5 subpoints.   paranoid sources takes out  -- conspiracy theory.   case closed.  gerbil wins and he's not whitewashing the obama CIA.
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