[eDebate] killer gerbil

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Sat Jul 4 22:34:54 CDT 2009


stroubejad: "funny how you reduce the 1989 TOC champion and second
speaker to a 3
year high school debater. i have a partial claim to be a
champion, guppy."

i was talking about myself, silly bean.

oh but you're right: i'm technically joining the call for a RE-recount. many
news-outlets do however refer to the one already conducted as a 'partial


...and since the first recount wasn't done by an independent ruling body
(unless you consider the guardian council one), then it doesn't meet an
acceptable standard given the likely irregularities. prospects don't seem
bright, anyway; the real gerbil, ahmadinejad, won iran.


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