[eDebate] Does anyone realize....

Paul Johnson paulj567
Sun Jul 5 16:41:03 CDT 2009

that the primary piece of impact evidence we read for the most popular advantage is FIFTEEN YEARS OLD?

That Khalilzhad card is really, really old. It is older than some people you are instructing at camp this summer. 

Moreover, many of the fundamental scenarios it describes have happened. The US has "exercised leadership" in the Middle East. Many security analysts now believe thinking in terms of "hostile global rivals" is an outmoded sentiment that needs updating for an increasingly globalized and fragmented world.

In 1994, it was still unclear whether or not the collapse of Communism would take in Russia. We were only fifteen years out from the LAST uprising in Iran. We had just fought a very successful war in the Middle East, instead of a couple iffy ones. NATO was still considered the most important of all international institutions. 

Its easy to find evidence that the United States needs to maintain a position of leadership in the world at large. Moreover, this evidence is plentiful even from dates AFTER 1994. As a community we pride ourself on rigorously testing arguments, examining the quality of their argumentation, and refining them as we go along. Perhaps we can begin to read a different piece of evidence in the 1AC--one that, you know, assumes the world we live in, and not one that we need to fire our DeLorean up to 88 mph to see?

Old Man Rant Over.


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