[eDebate] UWG Tournament - The Song Remains the Same

michael hester uwgdebate
Mon Jul 6 12:04:07 CDT 2009

Our college tournament is scheduled for our regular time slot of MLK
weekend, which will be January 16-18, 2010.

Cary Ichter and Adorno & Yoss have been very pleased with the connections
they made in the debate community (since our tournament, they have
established employment relationships with Ross Andre and Dan Davis) and have
already told me they look forward to supporting our tournament again next
year. Thus, we expect to offer the same quality and quantity of monetary
speaker awards & first-rate hospitality. (i'm already working on working out
the kinks that caused delays in checks being mailed out last year and that
problem will be alleviated)

We look forward to hosting you again in '10.

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