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nice misquote on hammond.  your doctoring the evidence fish face.    where's the erlich response to the CIA funding targeted iran.    the hammond quote you chose to elide given your addiction to deliberate confusion.   why you lie in every post, asshole?   what hammond has said, mr. fucking asshole misquote, is that contrary to your whitewash, the CIA LIKELY was involved in the election and obama's continuation of the massive bush funding is his big reason:

One might be tempted to argue that the strategy for regime change implemented under the Bush administration that including funding for propaganda, support for Iranian dissident groups, and backing for anti-regime militants and terrorists has changed under the new administration of President Barack Obama. There is no evidence, many have pointed out, of U.S. meddling in the Iranian election.But then, neither is there any clear indication that Obama ever revoked the policy strategy implemented under Bush. The most likely scenario is that Obama has put the military option favored by some in the Bush administration on the back burner in favor of other means to carry out a change of regime in Iran.Whatever the case may be, given the record of U.S. interference in the state affairs of Iran and clear policy of regime change, it certainly seems possible, even likely, that the U.S. had a significant role to play in helping to bring about the recent turmoil in an effort to undermine the government of the Islamic Republic.
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