[eDebate] Seeking graduate assistants in Individual Events & Policy Debate for Fall 2010

Kelly Young kel1773
Tue Jul 14 15:34:10 CDT 2009


We currently have two openings for individual events coaches and two policy debate graduate assistants for next
year. The Department of Communication at Wayne State University has
both MA and PhD programs in Communication Studies, Film Studies and

The assistantships are very generous and competitive. You receive
tuition waiver, monthly stipend, health and dental insurance (because of the strength of the graduate union, you receive the exact same benefits as faculty), no
teaching requirements (although you can in the summer for extra money),
opportunities to earn extra money working at our debate institute and a
potential monthly housing stipend.

In total, we have seven coaches associated with the program: 2 directors, 3 debate assistants and 2 IE assistants. Our programs are regionally and nationally competitive and well supported by our university and alumni. 

Learn more at: http://www.comm.wayne.edu/ and http://www.gradschool.wayne.edu/index.asp  

Please contact me at Kelly.young at wayne.edu
or my office 313-577-2953 if you are interested. Deadline for application is January 15. 



Kelly M. Young, Ph.D.

Director of Forensics/

Assistant Professor

Communication Department

Wayne State University

585 Manoogian Hall

Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 577-2953

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