[eDebate] fishy gerbil's idol cheney linked to bhutto assassination?

Old Strega oldstrega
Fri Jul 17 18:09:26 CDT 2009

i don't think so.  conspiracy theory from russia.   no definitive evidence has linked cheney.   only speculation so far which loses to generic plausible deniability -- the langley syndrome.    cheney is whitewashed according to same standards that whitewash obama's CIA in iran.    mainstream news is objective, thus accurate.   intelligence agencies do not secretly conduct events from behind the scenes and if they do, rarely.    the best thing is never to question the possibility of CIA meddling especially in a few cases precisely chosen because apathy is the prize of the gerbil team.   the evidence is poor -- source indict takes out.    back to gerbil's adornian "administered world" curiously in love with plausible deniability when it comes to the CIA.

According to investigative journalist and RT contributor Wayne Madsen, ?This assassination team may have targeted politicians in other countries. One name mentioned was former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who may have been a victim of this program. The other name is Jonas Savimbi, the former Angolan UNITA leader, who may have outlived his usefulness as far as Mr Cheney is concerned.?

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